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EdpowerU is India’s first millennial employability focused platform dedicated to Raising and Accelerating the Career Quotient (CQ) of young aspirants and professionals through specialized “Campus to Corporate”, “Career Enhancement” and “Leadership Development” programs
As specialists in millennial workplace behaviour, EdpowerU’s powerful and intensive framework works with young graduates, budding entrepreneurs, early career professionals and leaders to unlock their career potential, enhance career readiness, manage change and improve performance
Our 360-degree approach is a unique combination of assessments, workplace skill development, building emotional intelligence, career development and leadership coaching.
Powered by experts from across industry and guided by the philosophy of 'Educate to Empower’, Edpower-U is committed to raising the CQ of 1 million millennials by 2025   

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Workplace Skill Building
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Millennial Leadership Development
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Millennial Management

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Shubika Bilkha
Shubika Bilkha
Founding Partner
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Lina Bilkha
Amit Bose
Amit Bose
Tina Trikha
Tina Trikha
Dr. Ann Means
Dr. Ann Means
Siddharth Bhansali
Siddharth Bhansali

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Publication Name: stoodnt The Millennial Career Dilemma Series – Article 22 – By Shubika Bilkha...
Publication Name: stoodnt The Millennial Career Dilemma Series – Article 22 – By Shubika Bilkha...
Publication Name: stoodnt The Millennial Career Dilemma Series – Article 22 – By Shubika Bilkha...

“EdpowerU’s executive coaching and leadership development program for millennials has helped my life in a better way by helping me overcome self-doubt and improving the way for me to lead my life more effectively both at work and outside of it”

– Vibhuti Wange, Brand Services Manager, Digital

“EdpowerU’s executive development coaching for millennial leaders helped me understand myself better. To know the real me, my weaknesses and my fears. I am more confident to face them and not let them come in my path of life.”

– Shipra Chinchankar, Vice President, Strategic Planning

“Our Executive Coach, Shubika Bilkha, through the EdpowerU executive development program for millennial leaders showcased excellent skills and help me stay true to my values while I solve my problems. The approach and perspective change is not only suggested but also implemented with recordings of a daily progress report which makes it unique. This program has helped me not just find my problems and solve it, but also assisted me in becoming more comfortable with myself.”

– Mariya Kapadia, Manager, Public Relations

“The session was awesome. At first we thought that it would be another too informative, boring lecture but in the first few minutes we found ourselves wrong in that assumption and all pumped up. EdpowerU’s program as very interactive, we could relate to it and found it useful. The speaker herself was very energetic and enthusiastic and made learning fun- though it’s a lethal combination. We hope for more programs from EdpowerU soon before we graduate.”

– Naman Gupta, International Institute of Information Technology (I2IT)

"It was a really great session! We learnt about various skills we require to face interviews and at the work place!! We also had a lot of fun games and the session was amazing!"

– Aniket Patil, Technology, Engineering and Telecommunications, I2IT

“I have attended many different seminars but I really found this session more fun and efficient. The session was interactive and more interesting because of the competitive activities and I really want to appreciate the speaker, as she was a really good listener and also appreciated the students. Her way of delivering the content was too good and effective”

– Rashmikant, Pillai College of Arts, Science and Commerce (PCACS)

“EdpowerU’s session at the ISDI WPP School of Communication was power-packed. It was wonderful to see how interactive and engaging the teaching method was. Students are hard to engage and it is even harder to retain their attention. The faculty, Shubika Bilkha’s, clarity on the subject matter at hand, her expertise as a professional and her flawless delivery are her strong suits. The students loved the session and took back some great learning.”

– Sonali Agnihotri, Director, ISDI WPP School of Communication