Graduate Development Programs (Campus to Corporate)
  • Building/Raising Your Career Quotient (CQ 101)

  • Crafting Your Career Quotient (CQ 102)

  • Building/Raising Your Business Quotient (BQ 101)

Executive Development Programs (Career Enhancement for Executives)
  • Managing/Accelerating Your Career

    Quotient (CQ 201)

  • Transformative Problem- Solving (PS


  • Millennial Motivation and Team

    Building (MM 201)

Leadership Development Programs (For Managers and Leaders)
  • Millennial Management Machine

    (MM 301)

  • Managing Yourself and Your Startup

    (MM 302)

  • ‘Decoding Your Millennial Employee’

    Masterclass for Top Management

Delivery Innovation

  • Our Graduate Development Programs (GDP) include a specially designed Employability Assessment of all participants

  • Our Executive Development and Millennial Management Programs include the development of an Individual/Group Action Plan

  • Our programs include a worksheet, a toolbox and implementable techniques for impactful learning

  • A minimum of two to three follow-up sessions of 1 hour in duration are recommended after each program for enhanced learning and improved implementation