Our Programs

  • Leadership and Founder Development Programs 

  • Executive Development Journey Programs 

  • Driving and Managing Organization Vision & Culture Program 

  • Women’s Leadership Program 

  • Millennial Management Program 

  • New Parents Program/Parental Transition 

  • Team Building and Motivation 

  • Managing Career Acceleration 

  • Leadership and Management Master Classes 

  • Productivity and Performance Enhancement Workshops

Our Services


Leadership & Executive Development Programs

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Millennial Management & Culture Change Programs

Workplace Skillbuilding

Workplace & Life Skill Building Programs For Corporates


New Parents & Women's Leadership Offerings

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Executive, Leader & Founder Coaching Services

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Psychometric Behaviour Assessments & 360 Feedback Offerings

Our Methodology


Socratic style

A ’coffee conversation’ approach focused on dialogue and discussion with relatable, relevant and inclusive content

Executive Development

Using the Co-Active framework, our programs are conducted in a coaching style to enhance individual discovery and development. Each program is supplemented by Continued Professional Development (CPD) sessions

Industry Oriented Approach

Topical content, case studies, scenario analysis, tools and techniques, individual and group activities with a special focus on self management, self belief and EQ skills

The Expert as a Peer

A unique delivery style of facilitated learning with industry experts through shared experiences and opinions

Focus on Problem Solving

We follow a consulting approach to program design as we address the pain points of organizations by focusing on tackling the immediate personnel challenges. Our programs include the development of an individual and group action plan, supported by a curated toolbox for implementable learning
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